Tomasz Przybycień

44% up with just 3 alerts from “Big orders” cryptoscanner in few days

In last posts I’ve described how to use “big prints” scanner window when trading on Cryptocurrencies.

If you miss this article, here is link: How to use big prints cryptoscanner.

Below some of examples of few trades that we have done in last days based on scanners that we have provided. We publish this alerts (based on demo version) on our Twitter channel: Algory Project Twitter.


EOS/ETH 5.82% in 2 days

NEOUSD — 24% in few days

XMRUSD — 14.43% in less than 24 hours

What I’m watching now!

What I’ve described above it is a history now. But below you will find some orders that our Cryptoscanner detected. This alerts I use to open position or I’m still watching for what will happen next.


Few buy orders — from 16,3$ to 16.9$. Each one >160k$.




Some big transaction at 829–830$. Still watching.



Some bigger transaction that were filled. I like when someone is buying more than >100 ETH worth in just 1 transaction.



Some bigger buy orders on BTCUSD BTCEUR.


Take a look at our scanner:

It is really important to understand how big traders play on this market. And join the ride 🙂