Tomasz Przybycień

Algory announces new prices for its Crypto Scanning tools to accelerate growth

Crypto currencies are driving more and more focus on trading and scanning

Warsaw, Poland — 18.01.2021 — Algory announced today the launch of their new and lower subscription based pricing for its popular Crypto Scanner tool.

As part of the announcement, users will also have the possibility to pay their subscriptions with any currency of their choice which was not possible before.

“Today we announce a major price update for our scanning tools. In relation to our earlier announcement mid 2020 we deliver what we promised – we have redesigned our service pages, reduced subscription prices and added more payment options. We are on target with our plans to become profitable until the end of 2021.” – Tomasz Przybycień, Algory CEO.


Algory new prices for a full featured crypto scanner application start now from 9.99 $ per month (compared to 19,99 $ before) for PRO and 15 $ per month (compared to 49 $ before) for EXPERT. The price drop has been introduced with a clear focus on growth and profitability. An all new annual price plan is also available now. Additionally we prepare special offer for all ALG token holders.

Special prices will last till 18th of February. Till then you can purchase access for as low as 4.99$!

With approximately 10.000 registered users Algory aims to double its registered users by the end of 2022. In order to achieve this a new payment option has been added. Users can now pay in any currency of their choice for the monthly and yearly subscriptions. Before it was only possible to pay with the Algort “ALG” Token which can be purchased on


Sign up today — A special offer  is now available where new user can save up to -80% when they subscribe today. The offer is limited and only available until the 18th of February 2021.


Special offer when paying in ALG token

All users that will purchase access by ALG token will receive additional 25% bonus to the normal price. You can purchase access to PRO or ELITE version on you profile at in Payments section. Payments in ALG token available as always for monthly subscription.


About Algory

Algory is a startup offering tools for active crypto traders. The flagship products include an advanced Cryptoscanner and an aggregator of crypto news used by top-tier crypto traders.

We are traders who gained experience at two largest stock exchanges in the world: The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (NASDAQ). We have been present on the crypto market since 2013, both as miners as well as traders. Bearing in mind the time we have devoted to finding the best investment and trading opportunities on the cryptocurrency exchanges, we decided to develop a product which streamlines the whole process of making investment decisions and makes you a more efficient and more profitable trader. Algory was founded by Tomasz Przybycień and Dominik Gordel. Over the years, many experts from the world of finance, traders and programmers joined the Algory team. The company is also supported by a wide range of advisors and consultants.

ALG Token Contract address: 0x16b0a1a87ae8af5c792fabc429c4fe248834842b
Token symbol: ALG
Decimals: 18
Information about ALG Token on Etherscan:


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