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Algory: Cryptonews and Cryptoscanner — development stage

The work on the development of Algory tools is striking. We would like to present the latest event connected to the development of our products: Cryptonews and Cryptoscanner.

Our team has worked on preparing the configuration of environments. Taking into account the safety and resistance of the application, which are related to a very large amount of processed data — our dev-ops team have prepared the environments while considering the highest safety standards.

We have decided to use typeScript for both the back-end and front-end in order to ensure the highest quality of the code.

A full graphical concept has been developed in the past few months for the elements of the system of Cryptoscanner and Cryptonews. During this period we also prepared views for the general elements of the system and also for the full Cryptonews module. Work on the Cryptoscanner module is still under operation.


The work was carried out in cooperation with a UX specialist, thanks to which the final version of the tools looks very professional, and their functionality is also adapted to the needs of active traders on the cryptocurrency market.



We are also preparing a mobile version for the tools, and therefore Algory will also be available on your phone.


We have also decided to add another developer to the team, and as a result we will increase the efficiency of work on the development of tools. At the same time, it will help us to provide additional functions.

The start of Cryptonews is planned for the end of the second quarter of 2018, and soon after it the Cryptoscanner function will also be launched.

Algory Demo

There is currently a demo version available for the “Cryptonews” news system and the cryptocurrency market scanner “Cryptoscanner”. The data that is processed in the demo version works in real time and is possible to be used in a practical way when investing in the cryptocurrency market.

Check our demo version:

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