Tomasz Przybycień – Free access to cryptoscanner + more

Starting from 1st of February we are making big changes in access to our tools.

All users registered will get possibility to create real time scanner for free. But it will be limited to one scanner and one workspace. This will give you opportunity to test cryptoscanner and use it for free if you don’t need more.

Current users will get notification about that on

For more pro crypto traders Standard and Premium upgrade will be available.

First active 500 users will also receive coupon code for 50% discount for 1 month access to standard/premium version.

We are changing our CRM. We are moving whole communication to email/Twitter/Facebook and built-in messanger on (will be available from February). Telegram will not be supported any more. 99+% contact from users and customers we get by email.

Stay tuned for more!