Tomasz Przybycień

Algory Management Strategy Meeting 2020/2021

Warsaw, Poland – Algory Sp. Zoo today held its Management Strategy Meeting for the year 2021.

Algory continues to invest in their Crypto Scanner and News Scanner tools. The priority is to be profitable until the end of 2021.

CEO Tomasz explained that Algory is one of the best performing Crypto Scanners on the market, outlining actions to strengthen the business performance and management.

The board has decided to invest and take following actions in order to achieve their goal.


1. Marcel Opiłka appointed to support Algory’s business development

Marcel Opilka will join the Algory Management temporarily in order to help improving their Marketing and Business performance.

Board Member Tomasz Proprietary underlines that it’s time to make some clear moves forward that’s why we decided to bring a new expert on board: “We are confident that Marcel’s international Marketing and Business experience will help us to bring Algory to another level. What we discussed and agreed is well in line with our company goals and values. Marcel will lead our actions which will drive to more subscribers and a better communication plan.”

You can find more information about Marcel Opilka on Linkedin.


2. More focus on User Experience

Within the next months the Algory website and scanner applications will see various updates. We will focus on making our application easier to use.

a) Education and small tutorials will be implemented
b) Overall UX will have updates


3. New business model and payment options via all major debit and credit cards will be implemented

Algory will change its business model in order to lead the profitability for each product offered.

a) A test period with full access will be offered without the need to leave your credit card details
b) Prices will be lowered in order to make all scanners more attractive and competitive. All subscription payments until today required to be done with Algory Token. This will still be possible (with additional benefit) but we are adding the possibility to pay with all mayor debit and credit cards.


About Algory

Algory is a startup based in Katowice in Poland. Algory offers tools for active crypto traders. The flagship products include an advanced cryptocurrency scanner, called Cryptoscanner, and a crypto news aggregator, which was designed for the most active traders.


We are traders descended from the two largest stock exchanges in the world: The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (NASDAQ). We have been present on this market since 2013, both as crypto miners as well as crypto traders. Bearing in mind the time we have devoted to finding the best investment and trading opportunities on the cryptocurrency exchanges, we decided to place a product on the market which will streamline the whole process of making investment decisions and furthermore, will make you a more efficient and more profitable trader.

Algory was founded by Tomasz Przybycień and Dominik Gordel. Then, many experts from the world of finance, traders and programmers has joined to the Algory team. The company is also supported by a wide range of advisors, including, among others, Luke Szkudlarek (What.Digital, Crypto Valley).

ALG Token
Contract address: 0x16b0a1a87ae8af5c792fabc429c4fe248834842b
Token symbol: ALG
Decimals: 18

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Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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