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Best Cryptocurrency Real-Time scanner is coming soon!

The best Cryptocurrency Scanner is coming soon! We have postponed it a little bit due to work on better optimalization but it is good now 🙂

We have been also working hard to have right data from each exchanges that Cryptoscanner will be streaming. It was a hard job, because many exchanges have wrong data on their api (volumes, candlesticks etc. – we will write more about that later). So due to the fact that a lot of filters and alerts is based on candlestick we need to implement it on our end. Which increase the amount of time needed to finish it.

At this moment all data is correct. We have been testing +100 different filters and alerts on different timeframes. All looks promising now. But still some work need to be done!

How Cryptocurrency Scanner looks like?

Here is some example:


Stay tuned for more exiting news!
Algory Team