Tomasz Przybycień cryptocurrency exchange — an Official Partner of Algory Project

Algory Project would like to announce that one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Central and Eastern Europe, namely, has become an official Business Partner of Algory Project

Algory Project will offer thirteen tools that will support trading in the cryptocurrency market. The flagship products will include Cryptoscanner and Cryptonews, which were designed for the most active players in the cryptocurrency market. has become one of the first exchanges whose data stream will be processed by Algory Project.

Cryptoscanner will make it possible for all users of to filter the data stream of cryptocurrencies listed on on an on-going basis.

With over 400,000 active trading accounts, perfectly fits the target group of products that Algory Project will launch in 2018.

The business partnership of Algory Project and, increasing and making the offer more attractive for traders and investors gathered on the cryptocurrency markets, will bring significant benefits to both users of Algory and those who trade on the exchange.

The data stream ensured by BitBay will enable Algory to provide the users of BitBay with the possibility of finding investment opportunities in an even more effective way. Based on the Cryptoscanner filters and alerts, users of BitBay will be able to prepare scanners filtering data in real time. The obtained signals can then be utilised in the users’ trading strategy.

Cooperation with Algory Project will ensure a very large group of customers, namely active traders, which in the process of product development on the market will be a milestone in the company’s growth.

The offer of both companies, being an ideal supplement to one another, will be the reason for inflow of new customers to Algory and BitBay, through mutual promotion of their services.

A detailed description of the possibilities of using Cryptoscanner and Cryptonews can be found here: Practical uses of Cryptoscanner and Cryptonews.