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Cryptocurrency Aggregator with +1000 sources

If you have already used our tool – an cryptocurrency aggregator of news from the cryptocurrencies market, you have certainly noticed the four categories of sources that we have made available on the platform.

Sources of news from Algory Cryptocurrency Aggregator

We have divided sources of cryptocurrency news that we stream into four main categories:

  1. Websites
  2. Twitter
  3. Youtube
  4. Reddit

Thanks to this division you are able to filter in the desired form, which sources you want to observe on which workspace. For example, you can create four separate workspaces (adding a workspace in Algory Cryptocurrency Aggregator) dedicated to a separate news source. As in the following example:



What are the differences between each source and how is it worth using them?

Certainly, the most important thing for people who trade on cryptocurrencies or invest in the long term, is to assess the sources that have the highest credibility, as well as those sources that have the greatest impact on the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Among the sources that stream in the news aggregator, we include those that we use every day during our own crypto trading. We also took into account the suggestions of users of our platform.
Typically, official pages and social channels of:

  1. Exchanges
  2. Companies from the world of cryptocurrencies

publish news, that may affect exchange rate fluctuations, as the first.

However, it is worth observing the most widely read papers and social channels of the biggest Twitter/ YouTube influencers. Often does it happen that they publish information that may affect the volatility of cryptocurrency rates.



News straight from companies in the blockchain, cryptocurrency industry

We introduced a novelty among cryptocurrency aggregators: streaming data from blogs on cryptocurrencies as well as from twitter channels of cryptocurrencies. So that you get access to official information flowing directly from the creators of each cryptocurrency.

These sources have a “Blog” entry in Sources / Websites, as in the picture below:


Cryptocurrency aggregator


News from cryptocurrency exchanges

We put emphasis on information flowing straight from the cryptocurrency exchanges. In streaming, we’ve included official news sources, such as the news system, blogs, twitter and reddit.
Thanks to this, you will not miss information on:

  • listing of new coins or tokens
  • locks in deposits / withdrawals
  • airdrops

or any changes that take place on a given cryptocurrency exchange. If you would like to further refine the search of news, you have the option to choose a category for “News listing” and / or “Exchanges” so that all news from the crypto world will be filtered by these two categories.


Cryptocurrency aggregator

Currently in the category – Websites / Blogs you will find 247 sources (as of 16/08/2018).


Cryptocurrency Twitters

In sources from Twitter, you’ll find both:

  1. Official twitter accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges
  2. Official twitter accounts of companies from the cryptocurrency industry
  3. Officially twitter account of news sites

As well as Twitters of the largest influencers from the world of cryptocurrencies. Currently, you can find 466 sources in the Twitter group (as of 16/08/2018).


Cryptocurrency Youtube

Youtube was one of the main medium on which the new ICO were shilled or influencers were creating the rankings of different cryptocurrencies or ICO during the ICO boom (Initial Coin Offering). Apart from the issues of quality or reliability (most analyzes or reviews are the ones that given companies had to pay for), very often these recordings caused, and some still cause, a great variability in cryptocurrencies. That is why we decided to prepare an appropriate section for Youtubers.
At the moment, we are streaming data from 64 accounts on YouTube.


Cryptocurrency Reddits

Reddit has permanently become a thing in the traders’ environment on the cryptocurrency market. We enrolled in the aggregator 231 Reddit channels, which are both official channels of companies in the cryptocurrency industry, as well as channels about cryptotrading or general conversations about bitcoin, blockchain, etc.


The credibility of sources

All official channels of companies from the cryptocurrency industry have received the level of “Credibility”, i.e. 100% credibility.
The level of credibility of the source is visible here:


Cryptocurrency news aggregator


We’re currently working on an algorithm that will evaluate all other sources based on the criteria we set. We will implement this module when we make backtests on enough data. We will be updating this indicator on our social channels as well as on the blog.


Would you like your source of news to be added to our cryptocurrency aggregator?

On an ongoing basis, new companies from the crypto industry are joining our current partners. We invite you to contact us if you would like your sources of information to be published by us: contact.


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