Cryptocurrency News Aggregator
Tomasz Przybycień

Cryptocurrency News Aggregator – why is it worth to register?

If you came across our site, it means that you were looking for tools supporting trading on the cryptocurrency market. I am very pleased to hear that as we have recently released the largest aggregator of news from the cryptocurrency market.

To whom is Cryptocurrency News Aggregator dedicated?

I am a trader that derives from the market of US stock exchanges. I have been actively involved in them since the end of 2007. Over all these years, I have supported my trading decisions using tools such as stock scanners and news systems.

The principle was unchanged, I have to be fast. Fast enough to find companies with the most potential to move, before other traders do it.

When I started trading in the crypto market (and it was the beginning of 2017), such tools did not exist. Over time, we decided to introduce them to the market.


  • you are an active trader on the cryptocurrency market
  • you are a researcher who is looking for the latest information from the world of cryptocurrencies
  • you do not have time to browse a lot of pages
  • you want to have everything in one place

Then our Cryptocurrency News Aggregator is made for you


Let’s get started – how to begin?

If you’ve entered or our blog, you have to proceed to the registration form. You can do it here: Cryptocurrency News Aggregator.

Or press the button like in the picture below:



You have two options:

  1. Browse as not logged in user.
  2. Register, then after logging in, having an opportunity to use the full functionality of our system.

What are the differences?


As you might have noticed on the comparison table: as a not logged in/non-registered user, you can browse news from the “Websites” sources without the possibility of any filtration.

You do not have access to such sources as:

  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

So the whole social media activity is not at your reach, and there are a lot of news stories appearing there that have impact on the cryptocurrencies’ fluctuation.

Access to Cryptocurrency News Aggregator under is currently free of charge. It means you can use its all features. Register today and enjoy trading with our news system 🙂

Below you will find a video presenting the usage of the news system from the crypto world in practice. In the following weeks I will publish articles that will show you how to practically use the  various functions of the news system in real life. Thanks to that you fully understand what it is made of and how you can use it to get the most valuable content. What is important, you will receive this content in the shortest possible time.