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Cryptonews — Cryptocurrency News Aggregator coming soon

Speed and access to information is what matters in trading. On this basis, we build our tools to support trading on the crypto market — Algory.

The demo of the news aggregator published by us is to enable you to view news from a large number of sources. Everything is cumulated in one place. The important thing is that the publication of news takes place in real time.

Check our Cryptonews demo version:
Cryptonews release 1.0 coming soon!

Why news is so important

Remember that what counts in trading is how quickly you find out about breaking news. Therefore, for the vast majority of information, the first source that publishes news will count for you. The biggest reaction to the price of a given cryptocurrency will occur directly after this publication. Reprints of the same news will no longer cause such an effect.

Check how you can use Cryptonews to be more profitable trader: Cryptonews- never be late again.

How do you want to efficiently, quickly and effectively view news if you had to include, e.g. 50 different sources? It will be ineffective and the traffic on the basis of given news will be far behind you. If everyone knows about certain information, does it matter?

With Cryptonews, everything will be in one place. You will be able to filter data in real time regarding e.g. searched keywords. For example, cryptocurrencies respond very strongly to information about a listing on a new stock exchange. Nothing simpler, you set the keyword “new listing” in our Cryptonews, and you receive instant information if any of the exchanges will publish data regarding the quotations of the new cryptocurrency.

Stay up to date with Cryptonews

The number of companies that are focused on the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors is constantly growing. It is currently very hard to supervise all emerging news coming from companies by only manually browsing their official websites or blogs. It is too time-consuming.

Official websites are not everything. We have a whole host of opinion-forming information services that are focused on the broad topic of cryptocurrencies.

We also have influencers. Why do I write about them? Influencers have a very large reach to a huge group of novice investors on the crypto market. These people, unfortunately, very strongly react to the behavior of their gurus. Therefore, sometimes a seemingly ill-thought out tweet may result in a sudden sale or shopping spree on a specific cryptocurrency.

Data filtration in Cryptonews

As traders, we realize that you may only be interested in certain cryptocurrencies. What’s more, you may be interested in the filtration of only specific news sources. Such functions are also available in the Cryptonews demo version. If you are interested in news about, e.g. regulatory changes or ICO, then nothing is simpler. Choose them from the “News type”.

After selecting the news you are interested in, you will see a window with the date of publication, category, author of the news, news content and its source. After clicking “read more”, you will go to all the content.

Cryptonews release 1.0

We are very close to the publication of version 1.0. of our Cryptonews. The publication is planned for the end of June/beginning of July. It will be very pro, very fast, and the amount of news will be the largest on the whole web. The version will surprise you regarding both its graphical and functional side.

Please check our latest post about Cryptonews ver 1.0.

You will soon receive information about the Cryptonews ver 1.0 startup. 🙂

We strongly encourage you to use the demo version:

Algory Team