Tomasz Przybycień

Cryptoscanner manual: Lesson 3 – using cryptoscanner library

Welcome to Lesson 3 of “how to…”. In this lesson we will show you how to add predefined cryptoscanner from our Library.

We have prepared some pre-defined scanners that you can use from the scanners’ library.

Below you can find quick “Video manual” in which we show how to use Library and take advantage of it:

Our traders have created some pre-defined Scanners. Thanks to that you can take advantage of many scanners that are usefull while trading on crypto:

1. Volume spike on BTC & ETH

2. Spike up with min. 2%

3. Big sizes trades

4. Big size on BID/ASK

5. Volume spike on BTC & ETH

6. Multiscanner Window

7. 15 & 60 minutes volume spike

8. New high/low 5 minutes


Use “Manage scanner”, then “Cryptoscanners library” tab to choose scanner window you would like to use.

Cryptoscanner Library