Tomasz Przybycień

Cryptoscanner that you wanna love is live!

Katowice, Poland – Polish startup is pleased to announce the launch of the Cryptoscanner: a cryptocurrency trading tool. The largest and most comprehensive real-time cryptocurrency scanner is now available on the market.

The cryptocurrency market scanner, called Cryptoscanner, enables users to filter stock data by hundreds of possible combinations regarding volatility of prices, volume, candlestick charts or technical analysis.

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Our real-time Cryptoscanner is now live!

“We scan 30 markets, and the database contains 1215 cryptocurrencies listed on 17 exchanges. During fractions of a second, the user receives information about the situation that took place on a given stock exchange or cryptocurrency. The scanner was created with the crypto traders in mind so that they do not waste time on manual analysis and browsing events on the market. With Cryptoscanner, within milliseconds they will receive information that interests them as part of their trading strategy” – says Tomasz Przybycień, co-founder of Algory and a professional trader.



Be quick and more profitable trader with Cryptoscanner

In its first version, the tool scans real-time stock data from 17 cryptocurrency exchanges, which are the most popular among crypto traders in the world. The user has the option of using predefined scanner windows prepared by experienced traders from the cryptocurrency market. However, he can also adjust the workspace windows to his needs and create individually configured scanner windows.

When creating the scanner, the user selects:

1. Stock exchanges that one wants to scan (e.g. Binance, Bitbay, Huobi, etc.)
2. Markets to be scanned (e.g. … / ETH, … / USDT, … / BTC)
3. Filters from the database of available filters
4. Alerts from the database of available alerts
5. Symbols, if one wants to limit scanning to specific cryptocurrencies

In this way, the newly created scanner window is added to the workspace and the user can start using the alerts displayed by the given window.


Cryptocurrency Scanner


How to get access to Cryptoscanner

Access to Cryptoscanner is currently free of charge. This also applies to the full version of news aggregator. The user, in order to receive the full functionality of the Premium 1 account, must log in after prior registration.

ALG token listing

After the test period, access to the tools will be possible through payments that will be handled by the ALG token issued in 2018 by Algory. ALG Tokens will be available through one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe. The company will inform about the upcoming stock market debut in due time.

Thanks to the launch of Cryptoscanner, Algory has become one of the main players in the industry supporting trading on the cryptocurrency market, and at the same time the first company to launch such a comprehensive cryptocurrency scanner operating in real time.

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