Tomasz Przybycień

How to upgrade your account – Standard & Pro Plan

Today we would like to explain you, how to upgrade your account to Standard or PRO plan.

How to upgrade your account in a few simple steps:

1. When you are logged in, select „Pricing” tab, and then you will see the comparison of all available premium accounts.

2. Select „Standard” or „Pro” account.

3. After selecting, you will be redirected to „Payments” tab. You will find there:

-Your payment history
-Your individual ERC-20 address
-Current amount of ALG tokens which needs to be sent to upgrade your account


4. To upgrade your account send appropriate amount of ALG tokens to your individual ERC-20 address. Choose between Standard and Pro account and make a payment. Once it’s received you will get notification on email and on payments history.

5. Choose package that you would like to purchase:

– Standard

– Premium

Each pricing you will find below name of package. You can also use Promo code if you have one.

Copy the amount of ALG that you need to transfer to get access to Standard/Pro version and send it to the address listed on your Payments section.

Remeber! Each user has different address. Send it to the one that you will find on Payments section.


6. After sending an amount from your wallet or exchange you will receive notification on Payments section:


7. Now you are ready to go with your Standard account. The same way you can purchase PRO account. Just send the amount that is required for PRO version.

8. If you would like to upgrade your version from Standard to PRO. You will need to send the difference that is highlighted here:

9. After sending additional amount you will to address on your account – you will receive access to PRO version: