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How to use Filters & Alerts : “Bid/Ask Ratio”

Welcome to the manual “How to use filters and alerts in Cryptoscanner”. In this series of articles you will get to know how to use cryptocurrency filters and alerts in the Scanner!. Today we will introduce “Bid/Ask ratio” cryptocurrency filter.

Below you will find the video about “Bid/Ask Ratio” filter:


Filter info: This filter show cryptos with specific ratio between Bid and Ask orders on Level 1. If you set ratio = 2, you will be notified about all cryptos which best bid orders are 2 times higher than ask order. You will be notified again within 5 minutes or when amount change by more than 20% to last signal.

Example: When you set ratio minimum 2.0 and maximum 3.0, then you will be notified each time scanner will find coin/token with cummulative order on best BID 2 to 3 times bigger than cummulative order on best ASK.



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