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How to use Filters & Alerts : “Today’s Volume”

Welcome to the manual “How to use filters and alerts in Cryptoscanner”. In this series of articles you will get to know how to use cryptocurrency filters and alerts in the Scanner!. Today we will introduce “Today’s volume” cryptocurrency filter.

Below you will find the video about “Today’s Volume” filter:


You can use this filter if you would like to look for symbols with higher today’s volume than usual.

Cryptocurrency Filter info – Today’s volume

This filter refers to today’s volume. It is based on volume that is calculated from 00:00 UTC. Users will be notified about cryptos which have specific volume set within 5 minutes or when volume change by more than 20%.


Example of how to use filter while trading on crypto

Today’s volume use filter based on each crypto’s volume for today. Example: put 25 BTC to see cryptos that have at least 25 BTC volume today.


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