Tomasz Przybycień

ICO finished — Important informations

We would like to inform that ICO Algory Project has finished on 8th of January 2018, 2:00 PM UTC. Thank you for participating and supporting us!

Important informations

How to add custom token ALG to your wallet:

  • Token Contract Address: 0x16b0a1a87ae8af5c792fabc429c4fe248834842b
  • Token Symbol: ALG
  • Token Decimals: 18

You can also use this guide: click here

Algory Token listed on IDEX Market

It is pleasure to annouce that our ALG token is listed on IDEX Market.

Check: ALG on IDEX Market

Algory Project

We have hired another developers to our team. We have been working parallely on demo version, which will be released in January. With UX specialist we have been working on MVP version that should be launched in 1st quarter of 2018.

Once again, we would like to thank you for participating in our ICO. Your trust means a lot to us. We will do our best to launch tools as soon as possible. Soon you will receive another email with our roadmap progress.

Have a nice day!
Tomasz Przybycień
Co-founder Algory Project