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Kucoin Exchange added to Cryptocurrency Scanner

Algory is happy to announce that we have just updated our Cryptoscanner. From today all registered users are able to create scanners based on data from Kucoin Exchange.

Kucoin Exchange on our Cryptoscanner

Kucoin has been added to our Cryptocurrency Scanner. How to use it? It is simple, when clicking “Create new scanner” you need simply to check Kucoin as and exchange.


Cryptocurrency Scanner


At this moment Cryptoscanner scans:

  1. 18 crypto exchanges
  2. 33 markets
  3. 2254 cryptocurrencies pair

We are the biggest cryptocurrency scanner in the industry. Take advantage of all premium features while it is for free!

Start using Cryptoscanner for free

You can simply register on:

and you are ready to go! 🙂 Remember that we are going to implement payments. After that access to our premium features you will be charged: pricing.


More updates on Cryptoscanner and Cryptonews

In last weeks we have updated sources on our Cryptonews tool. At this moment it is even bigger and quicker, because another time we have optimalized all process.

In Cryptoscanner we have updated “Scanner’s window” so all bugs related to columns are now fixed. Spike down alerts has been updated. Also we have upgraded data from Bitfinex/Ethfinex.