Tomasz Przybycień

Listing on – 1/08/19

After almost 1.5 years after conducting of our ICO, we are happy to announce official listing on one of the biggest exchange in Europe.

ALG token will be listed on exchange from 1st of August 2019. Algory token – ALG – will be available to trade on exchange for BTC and PLN. We will focused on this two pairs at the beggining to bring more volume there.

Right after listing on we will introduce payments to our News system and Cryptoscanner. So it is last time you can still try it for free – check it now. Payments will be added on 6th of August.

How to register on Bitbay

Please visit: to find out how to register on Bitbay exchange.

Below you will find helpful video:


ALG token listing

For those of you who need information about ALG token contract, please visit:


ALG token on your wallet

You can keep your ALG tokens on wallet.

Please visit their official website to download application:

Check information of “How to use wallet” here:


ALG Token statistics

ALG token statistics on WorldCoinIndex and on