Tomasz Przybycień

Listing on postponed by 1-2 weeks

We would like to inform that our listing on need to be postponed. Within next two weeks it will be finalized. This decision was made with because of changes in provider for deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies.

Since our ICO, we have been builing our accordingly to our plan. At this moment we have been waiting for listing and payments introduction. Due to information provided by about changing of their payment provider we have decided to postpone the listing date.

New date will be announce very soon, once new provider is ready. We have information that it will be within next week or two.

Why our listing is postponed offers not only trading on cryptocurrencies pairs, but also depostis and withdrawals of FIAT (PLN, GBP, USD, EUR). This was Algory’s users will have more possibility to purchase ALG tokens that will be needed to pay for access to our tools.

Yesterday decided to change provider:


We hope you understand this decision!

Algory Team